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I was born in Beijing, China and, from an early age, have always been fascinated by the world around me and representing this through art. My biggest influence has been my older brother, who is highly regarded in China for his traditional ink paintings. In my early years, I had the opportunity to study sketch work with Zhuang Yan, Vice President of Beijing Painting Academy. I studied art at Capital Normal University (Beijing) and upon graduation worked for Beijing Botanical Gardens, developing illustrations for the garden guide book and was a staff photographer. I moved to the United States in 1987 and studied at California State University and Memphis College of Art. I taught art for a Memphis private school for 26 years and have designed statues sold through Boston Museum of Art. 


While in China, I resided at the Temple of the Reclining Buddha and I frequently hiked the nearby mountains with my paints. I have traveled widely in China visiting the Yellow Mountain, Fragrant Hills Park and Jade Springs Mountain areas. Images from these locations inspire my landscapes and reflect my love for nature and specifically mountain and river scenes. My art comes from my love of life and nature, but through my artistic connection and feelings, rises above nature. This is reflected in my unique style, with my primary work in oils.


When not engaged in my art work, my personal interests center on my love for animals and is reflected in my devotions to my dogs (all rescue dogs) who, over the years, each in their own unique way, have been a source of joy. I do portraits, including pet portraits, on a commission basis.



landscape2 copy


Some images from my life journey: China to California and, eventually, to Tennessee.

Purchase and Shipping


All paintings are original, not reproductions or prints. Details on description, size and price are found through the gallery link with payment through PayPal (details provided through contact). Shipping is through FedX (insured) with focus on high quality packaging to assure safe arrival of your purchase.

For More Information, Contact Me

Tel: 901-337-5847

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